Along with his team, Fernando is known for the charismatic Fernando’s Kaffee at a quiet corner of Antigua Guatemala. Each day they strive to live up to their slogan, “The finest drugs on Earth are not illegal” by crafting high quality products that enhance people's days. He’s been producing high quality coffee and from bean to bar chocolate for almost two decades. His insight about cacao provides Kinship Chocolate with an unbreakable compromise for quality and flavor.

KINSHIP Chocolate

Tom’s fascination with “flavor” has flowed from wine to culture, and now to chocolate. Tom’s 35 year career in the wine industry has taken him all over the world. His frequent travels to Guatemala over the last 5 years have developed into a love for the color, flavor and beauty of the country. This love of country and culture led him to co-founding Kinship Chocolate with Fernando. In chocolate, Tom is able to fuse his highly developed palate with his enthusiasm for intercultural connection and kinship.

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Guatemala is a beautiful multicultural and multilingual country in Central America. It is also environmentally diverse; which means that it is a colorful land in every way. It is known for being home to the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization, in which cacao played a big role, both economic and spiritual, it was even considered to be a “gift from the Gods”.

It is also the setting in which Fernando and Tom met and started to walk in kinship…